I'm a guitarist based in London, Ontario, Canada. I currently play live and do studio work with a variety of artists. I play regularly with a variety of artists including Broomsticks & Hammers, Kevin's Bacon Train, Marty Kolls, Deni Gauthier, Carly Thomas, and Kevin Greene & the Awesome Sauce. I'm a busy hired gun available for live work, recording sessions (in-person and remote sessions), and private lessons. You can get in touch with me on the contact page or via Facebook. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz Performance and Musicology (York), an MA in Music Criticism (McMaster), and a PhD in Communications and Media Studies (Leeds). Please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for visiting!

You can download two albums of my original music, Live at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall (1998) and York Sessions (2001) for $5 each at Bandcamp.


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