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Line6 M5 “Expression Knob” Mod

CAVEAT: If you do this mod you can’t use a Line6 -style expression pedal via the jack any longer (well, you can, but you only get half the “travel” between minimum and maximum – you never get all the way to your maximum). The mod is reversable (by disconnecting wires from the PCB, though you’ll still have the knob mounted).

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Line6 M5 “Dedicated Scene Select Footswitch” Modification

I’ll post this information because I had a hell of a time finding information for this mod. JHV3 offers it as the Line6 M5 “Dedicated Scene Select Footswitch” Modification. This allows the M5 user to use only one switch to toggle the preset scroll screen, rather than having to aim for (and usually miss) hitting both footswitches. Much better for live use. I figured I’d try to do it myself. This mod will also presumably work for the Line6 M9.

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Ready to Rawk

Opening for Glass Tiger, Western Fair, London, ON Sept. 12, 2014
Crybaby Wah (modded)>Boss CS2 Compressor>TC Polytune Mini>Line6 M5>Fulltone Plimsoul>Ibanez TS9DX>CAE Boost>Line6 M5>Boss DD3 Delay>TC Ditto Looper. Plus, an expression switch for the two M5s.

The very singular custom of voting

It’s that time again; a time in which it’s worth reflecting on the practice of voting itself.

1. Please see section 53 of the Ontario Elections Act which specifies the method for declining a ballot (essentially saying “none of the above”). The more citizens that do this, the more it sends the message that the whole system needs an overhaul.

2. I submit Alain Badiou’s thoughts for your assessment.

Badiou, Alain. 2002. “Philosophical considerations of the very singular custom of voting: an analysis based on recent ballots in France.” Theory and Event 6:3.

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