Live at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall (1998)


Recorded in England in the summer of 1998, this CD marks the debut live performance of some of my original compositions. Using the acoustic guitar exclusively, the compositions take on a folk/world music sound. Augmenting the core guitar-bass-drums trio with violin and voice certainly takes the material out of the realm of traditional jazz. The listener is treated to a music heavy on improvisation, with moments of organization spread throughout. There are two solo pieces (one almost completely improvised), some hard-driving trio numbers, and a few more contemplative pieces with violin and voice added.

Thanks to…the fine musicians who played with me at this concert, all the English (you know who you are) for a wonderful year! Mum and Dad for coming all that way, Peter Grove, Theo Schachter, Jason Hochstenbach, Michael Tamasi, Michael Conway, Bryan Dochstader, Bryan Postlethwaite, Andy Nunn, Courtenay Ennis, Gaby Zezulka-Mailloux, Ben Kaplan, Liberation Symphony, The Bitter Blue, members past and present of Fly Fantastic, Brad Vanderzanden at SOCAN, Francis Newton for technical support, and to whoever put the tape in the machine to record this concert.

Don Ross, Michael Hedges, Ralph Towner, Pierre Bensusan, Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny, and John McLaughlin, each of whose music had a direct impact on the music for this concert.

Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Michel Cusson, Courtney Pine, Lorne Lofsky, Carlos Santana, Bruce Hornsby, Phish, Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, both James Taylors, Jimi Hendrix, and Dimitri Shostakovich, each of whose music continuously inspires me. Finally, to you for listening to this music.

released September 1, 1998

Paul Aitken - acoustic guitar
Oliver Wilson-Dickson - violin
Jamie Trowell - drums
John Richards - bass
Jen Ord - vocals

Cover drawing by Paul Aitken
Inside photographs by David Aitken
Outside photographs by Paul Aitken
Designed by Paul Aitken and Peter Grove
Recorded by ?
Mastered by Michael Tamasi, Peter Grove, Paul Aitken

York Sessions (2001)

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York Sessions is my second independent release under his own name. Recorded in the spring of 2001, this CD reached #1 on the CHRW Radio Western jazz charts where it stayed for the whole of that following summer. Featuring some of Toronto’s finest young musicians, York Sessions is another collection of all original material. There are some re-workings of tunes heard on Live at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall, along with newer compositions. This album is in a slightly more traditional modern jazz framework: the swinging "One Up (One Down)" and "Two Moons" are evidence of that. There are tips of the hat to the funkier sounds of Keith Jarrett, and also some tunes influenced by Pat Metheny, one of my idols.

Thanks to...Sean Dalton and Michael Coghlan at York University for co-ordination assistance, Wes Cheang and Scott McCutcheon for the Mini-disc recorders, Mike Tamasi for the effects processor, Theo Schachter for mastering software, Brad Van der Zanden at SOCAN, Kevin Greene, Jeff Floyd, AFM Local #279, The Bacchus Lounge, London; Brewery Bay, Orillia; The New PL, John Sharpe at SCENE, and Andreas Gripp at CHRW Radio Western.

Recording and cover image by Paul Aitken

released June 1, 2001

Paul Aitken - guitar
Stephen Macdonald - saxophones
Dan Austin - bass
Jamie Messum - drums