TBT: Old Albums on Bandcamp for $5!

TBT: https://paulaitken.bandcamp.com/

A lifetime ago I released two albums of original instrumental material: Live at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall, from 1998, and York Sessions, from 2001. I released both albums independently and sold them directly from my website in a time well before social media. Both charted on London, Ontario’s 94.9 CHRW Radio Western Jazz Charts in the summer of 2001, and York Sessions sat at #1 for many weeks!

Thanks to the wonderful musicians who made that music come alive, many of whom I am honoured to still be able to call friends: Dan Austin, Steve Macdonald, Jamie Messum, Oliver Wilson-Dickson, Jamie Trowell, Jen Ord, and John Richards.

You can preview and download both of these albums for $5 each at https://paulaitken.bandcamp.com/

Also find them in the “Music” section of this website.


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