The Point of the Arts and Humanities

via Paul Bowman, who posts a list of thinking “points” on the “point” of the Arts and Humanities: 1.      Any ‘point’ of or for the Arts and Humanities is bound up with the question of ‘the point’ of the university as such. 2.      Any answer about ‘the point’ of the university itself is bound up […]

Putting It Out There

For a while I was thinking that I wouldn’t bother posting my MA online. Really, after the defense, and what with the evolution of my thought since I started the PhD, I figured it old news.  But, I’ve decided to let it out of the dusty confines of my hard drive and give it some […]

Master of Puppets is Pulling Your Strings

I am a Master! I successfully defended my MA thesis Online Music Communities: Challenging Sexism, Capitalism, and Authority in Popular Music a week-and-a-half ago. The defence was rigorous and lengthy, but instructive as a result. I think I will take some time away from it before I look at it again and decide whether or […]

New Book

My friend and mentor Jacqueline Warwick has just released a much-anticpated book on “Girl Group” culture in the 1960s.  All those great artists who history has traditionally dealt a bad hand are addressed here.  And damned good music to boot! Warwick, Jacqueline.  Girl Groups, Girl Culture:  Popular Music and Identity in the 1960s.  London, New […]