Weak Ties, I Miss You All

Sociologists have long understood the importance of what are called “weak ties.” That is, those social connections that are juxtaposed with the “strong ties” of immediate family circles and close friendships. These weak ties form a set of dispersed social bonds that are important for individuals’ feelings of belongingness, acceptance, community, and so forth. They […]

Profiled on LdnEnt Live!

LdnEnt Live is a Facebook page that highlights members of London, Ontario’s creative communities. They have been doing great things to support and promote during the pandemic. Go check them out!

2018 Music Year In Review

2018 was a great year for me musically. I met a lot of new people, played some new-to-me venues, and basically learned a lot. Thanks as always to my amazing wife Lori for all of her encouragement and support. Thank you to the many wonderful artists I get to play with. Thank you to the […]

TBT: Old Albums on Bandcamp for $5!

TBT: https://paulaitken.bandcamp.com/ A lifetime ago I released two albums of original instrumental material: Live at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall, from 1998, and York Sessions, from 2001. I released both albums independently and sold them directly from my website in a time well before social media. Both charted on London, Ontario’s 94.9 CHRW Radio Western […]